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Have your next concert, special event, or fundraiser at Diesel Lounge or Diesel Concert Theatre. Diesel is available to rent, but we need some information from you:

        • Have a date in mind. We book events months in                          advance, please have several potential dates.
        • What type of event will you be booking. 
        • Will the event be all ages. 
        • What other events have you done. 
        • Are you available for a tour of the building.

How much does it cost? 
There are many factors that go into the final price of our room rentals. What day? Which room?Promotional needs? Security? Additional sound and lights?
What kind of events do we allow for room rentals? 
Diesel is available for concerts, comedy shows, birthday parties, MMA & wrestling events, hair shows, fashion shows, movie premiers, talent shows, beer & wine tastings/festivals, charity drives and reunions.
If you wish to set up a meeting or discuss a room rental please send an email with the above information to or call 586.933.3503.
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